About US

DIY culture is big these days, from breadmaking to fixing up old motorcycles. Whatever your hobby is, you can find a tutorial video for it online. However, at Breaking Point Plumbing and Heating, we believe plumbing is one thing that you should never “DIY.” You need your system to work perfectly all day, all night, all the time. Why would you risk making an amateur mistake just to save a few bucks? don't. Whenever you need a plumber, give us a call.


Our list of services is long and extensive, encompassing everything from heating repair to clogged drain cleaning. Our HVAC specialists do boiler service, so when it’s time to make sure your heating is set for the winter, give us a call.

We offer water heater installation, which is a crucial part of any good home renovation project. Who doesn't want to take longer, hotter showers? If you need a burst pipe repair, call immediately—that’s one problem that can get worse quickly.


Here to help all day, all night, all week, all year. We're a 24/7 business.

Service Area

Our plumbing company is residential in Brooklyn, and we meet all plumbing emergencies across Kings County and its environs.